5 Things Your Woman is Right About

Okay men. It’s time for us to take a bit of our medicine. On my previous article we discussed the ways in which a man is usually right in his relationship and that women should learn to listen to those things. Now it’s time to discuss a few things that men are wrong about and women are right about. I know I’ll have a million people calling me a traitor to my gender. That’s okay. I can tolerate a large amount of insults. No problem. But men, we have to have this discussion if we are serious about growing in our relationships. We cannot be the sole dictators of all things concerning our love lives. Sometimes your woman is right.

So here we go. Here are 5 Things Your Woman is Right About :

  1. Your cell phone and what you’re up to: The average guy locks his cell phone like Fort Knox. We have various swipes, codes, special ringtones, code names, and vibrations. And what is the first thing your woman will ask you when she sees you going through all of those hoops just to answer the phone? “Why do you have all of those passwords? Are you hiding something?”
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    The answer to that question is a resounding “YES!” Most men like to have things easy and at arm’s length. Ladies, the practical application of this theory is simple to understand. Look at the TV remote. It’s on your man’s Lazy Boy. Look at the car. Preset stations are how we roll. There are 2 men on planet earth that like to go to a department store to shop and neither of those 2 men is residing with you. We prefer to either send our ladies alone or hit the internet. We’re just not built for bouncing from shop to shop, trying on different clothing. And ladies, what does all of this tell you? Men will always look for the easy way. We absolutely hate confusion. So our telephones are really no different. Who wants to go through remembering a 4 letter code, plus fingerprint, and fake contact name? Not me. But for those of us that do it, ladies don’t buy the excuse that it’s to protect his bank information or some other lame reason. It’s because he’s hiding something. That you can believe!

  2. She knows about your stash: You’re up late nights after she’s gone to sleep. When she logs on to the home computer a lot of viruses pop up.
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    You’ve made the off-the-cuff comment about an actress’s physique while the two of you were watching your show. And although it may be wintertime and you have some chapped lips, there seems to be large amounts of petroleum jelly missing. Also, where is all of the toilet paper going? Who do you think does most of the grocery shopping? Duh! Trust me men. Your woman knows what’s up. And if you’re not being inclusive or if she finds your exploits offensive and degrading, you’re going to eventually have some explaining to do. She knows what’s up. Let’s just leave it at that.

  3. You don’t communicate enough: No one is expecting men to automatically start spewing conversation like an unplugged dam. But come on… Some men don’t even talk about anything other than “what’s for dinner” or “what time do the playoffs start”. Your woman is absolutely right in expecting thoughtful conversation from her mate.
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    Who wants to be in a relationship with some guy that behaves like he has silly putty in his mouth? You can’t plan a future together with one person not contributing. You can’t speak about problems at work. You can’t even order a pizza in most cases. Women are correct. We do need to talk more, not only about what’s going on at work, but also asking questions about their needs and taking steps to meet those needs. Nobody asked your man to be a woman. But he does have to move beyond the 6th grade mode.

  4. Get up off of the sofa: Men boobs. Guess what? No matter what you do, if you get old enough, they’ll show up. But the most disgusting part for the average man? A gigantic tire appears around his waste as well as thick ankles and heavy breathing. And all of those things ultimately lead to diminished performance in the bedroom. You know what?
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    Get your fat carcass off of the sofa and go for a walk. Stop eating hot wings like they’re part of a healthy diet and lose weight. Your woman is right! You have gained weight. You want her to have the body of a model? Fine! But first you’ve got to have the body of a professional athlete. If you can’t produce, then you can’t expect her to produce. Fair is fair.

  5. Your friend is a pervert: Every guy has that one friend. You know the one I’m talking about.Yeah, you knew this about your boy before you invited him over to watch the game with you. No? You mean to tell me all of those times he got ticketed for indecent exposure during your college days didn’t send up a red flag? The dude has a serious problem.
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    So excuse your woman if she notices the way he salivates whenever she’s within 10 feet of him. She knows he’s a little off. Remember that time you guys went to the gentleman’s club and he got thrown out for grabbing the dancer? Or the time after that? Or the time after that? Your woman is right to call your friendship into question. You know what they say about friends: You can tell a lot about a person by the type of friends they keep. And if you’re keeping this idiot as your friend, what does that say about you? How can your woman feel comfortable with you guys going to Vegas when you’re carrying the poster boy for partying along?

Men and women will always have things that they disagree on. This has been the way of the world for centuries. But if you want your relationship to grow you seriously need to be honest about what hurts, helps, and hinders progress.