5 Reasons You Should Date an Average Guy

The simple man has been getting a bad rap for far too long. While he goes about his day to day and does his job with honor and dignity, he is often labeled by society as an underachiever. We all know the questions that are cast in his direction: Why would he accept such a simple job? Doesn’t he want more for himself? Is he dumb? What woman would want to be with someone that lives such a meager life? And yet, the simple man continues to do his job in spite of unfair judgments.

But the simple man is more abundant than our society wants to admit. Most of the people you see in your high school class will go on to live this type of lifestyle. Not everyone can be a high powered lawyer. Everyone wants to be a doctor, but many of us won’t ever become one. And that’s okay. Society needs someone to perform those undesirable jobs. And those positions are vitally important to our everyday survival. I mean, what would you do if you couldn’t get your Starbucks coffee in the mornings? How would you survive if no one picked up your garbage?

But in no other area has the simple man been treated so harshly as in the dating arena. Women flock to the flashy lifestyle like moths to a flame.

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Meanwhile they walk right past the common man on the street without even a glance of acknowledgment in his direction. I’ve literally seen men selling items on the street and women walk right past him without speaking, like he’s a ghost.

Now without directly attacking these women let me just make the following obvious observation. You don’t have to speak to every man you see in the street. In fact, you don’t even have to speak to anyone. That’s your right. But, if you don’t speak to those that cross your path on a daily basis and your primary reason for refusing to do so is the kind of job they perform, what does that say about you as an individual?

A woman isn’t wrong for wanting a man that can provide for and support her family. A woman is not even wrong for wanting a man with millions.

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Everyone has a right to chase after their dreams. After all, this is America. But the chances of you grabbing the attention of a multi-millionaire and becoming his wife are about the same as you winning the Powerball Lottery. It’s probable, but more than likely a dream.

But if you choose to be with the average everyday man, what does that mean for you? Does it signify that you have “settled” and don’t want a financially comfortable life?

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Does it mean that you will forever be assigned to a life of bad restaurants, bad credit, repossessions, no vacations, and hand me down clothing?

Thank God the answer to those questions is a resounding “NO”. Living a common man’s lifestyle doesn’t automatically mean that you will live any lesser than what you live now. Sure, some poor people have problems with credit but those that have problems with credit due to external issues are few. Most people with credit problems have gained those credit problems through the same way that wealthy people gain those problems. They have problems with character issues and possess internal problems that may be forcing them into negative situations. The average person can usually weed out people with character issues within their normal dating process so that shouldn’t move you away from the common guy.

Here are the 5 reasons women should date average men:

  1. Intelligence: Contrary to popular belief, the average man is highly intelligent. He’s the person that can give political opinion from an average person’s point of view with biting wit and simplistic explanation.
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    He may not have a degree in accounting but he’s a master at saving a dollar because he’s chosen to live within a certain lifestyle; sometimes by choice and sometimes by circumstance.

  2. Larger dating pool: With wealth comes access. Wealthy men can globetrot. There aren’t many places they can’t go. And with that expanded access comes an expanded dating pool; for him. Not for you.
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    Those men can find love in all countries. What does this mean to most women? It means that your dating pool is diminished. It’s no secret that women are outnumbering men when it comes to birth rates. But add in a larger dating radius, incarceration and alternative lifestyles and the dating pool shrinks from an ocean to the size of a swimming pool. Women have no choice but to find alternative solutions. And what greater solution to that problem than dating average men?

  3. Misperception: Don’t assume that because someone has a certain type of job that they are a certain way. Sometimes that thinking couldn’t be further from the truth. Do you really know how much he makes in salary? Some of these perceived “low-paying” jobs may surprise you. Do you really know why he chose to take his job?
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    Some choose jobs by stress levels. Maybe this job is something he enjoys and has more to do with him enjoying his life than making a paycheck. Do you know what his savings account looks like? You probably don’t and you probably shouldn’t. But just because someone has a job in which you deem is low-paying, they could be more responsible than you….and making more money than you.

  4. Have more in common: Think about this. As much as you want a man with a large bank account, what would you really know about living in that amount of luxury? Chances are you come from a home in which both parents worked tirelessly and you lived on a tight budget. You know very little about caviar and luxury jets.
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    Now the common man, he knows all of the restaurants with the best foods for reasonable prices. He can tell you which movie theaters to avoid and how to get reasonable deals for all of your spring shopping. He knows the destruction a credit card can do to your household and tries to avoid using it at all costs. Why would you want anything different?

  5. Appreciation: Have you ever shopped for a wealthy person? How about a person that has everything? That’s exactly what you’d be up against with being in a relationship with a wealthy person. But the common guy? His gifts are ones that you can actually use.
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    They’re practical, inspiring, and are actually as close to what you would get for yourself than any gift someone of great wealth would purchase for you. If you do something nice for the average guy, he appreciates your effort. He’s less likely to make you jump through hoops to please him. He’s happy with what you present.

There are many other reasons I could tell you about but these are a few. In the end you will choose the path that makes you happiest. But sometimes you really need to consider what’s in your best interest and not in your best fantasy. Wise people know that love isn’t what you see on TV and that real love takes work. And more times than not, that work comes from a common life perspective.