5 Reasons You Should Never Sleep with a Married Man

You were out shopping with your girls and the strangest thing happened. On your way to checking out the latest winter fashion accessories, you bumped into a great looking guy. He didn’t approach you with that typical corny late night pickup line. Instead, you just happened into each other while approaching the same escalator. On your way up you struck up a brief conversation. After a few minutes of standing at the top of the escalator and looking like idiots, the two of you decide to grab a Starbucks.

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Within your conversation you discover that he’s completely awesome! He’s handsome, educated, funny, and respectful. He reveals he’s an executive at a local bank. You reveal you’re currently working in finance and should the opportunity presents itself, you would be interested in hearing about several job openings.

“What a nice guy!” is what you tell yourself. Soon the conversation moves to vacations and traveling. He mentioned that he traveled to Sao Paulo Brazil last year with his wife for a week and…. Hold up…. He just mentioned that he has a wife? He’s married?!

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You feel your excitement melt into the bottom of your shoes. What a huge disappointment. No way you’re messing with a married dude. No way! Oh well, you can’t win them all, right? You quickly move the conversation along and end it without being disrespectful or bitter. After all, these things can happen. He gives you a very warm hug and you exchange numbers, hoping for that job opening of course, and you quickly flee the scene.

Fast forward to 3 days later….

You received a text message from him about possible job opportunities. Good.

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He seems to be a man of his word about hooking you up with a job. After a few jokes and over 20 text messages you agree to meet with him for lunch at his office. He agreed to introduce you to several influential people in the industry. Cool.

Fast forward to 1 week later….

The business lunch was awesome. You never realized how much the company was in tune with what you wanted to do for your profession. The company seems flawless and the people so nice.

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After scarfing down a tuna melt you meet with the guy after hours for drinks. You laugh and talk and laugh and talk. Wow. He’s really a nice guy. The drinks are so good. The atmosphere is so mellow and the music is so hypnotic. What a nice day! And then it happens….

The next thing you know you wake up in a plush hotel room. The grogginess of the alcohol is foggy on your head like an old hat. You wipe away the mess you call hair from your face and look around. And there he is. He’s propped up on one elbow with a sly look on his face as if he’s just hit the jackpot from a stolen ticket. You can’t believe it! You slept with a married man! What are you going to do?

Fast forward to 6 months later….

He’s coming to pick you up from work today (as he does every day). The two of you are supposed to have tickets to the opera tonight (which you secretly hate but the thought of rubbing elbows with high society is such a turn on for you) but he’s not sure if it’s a go because he’s attending a parent/teacher meeting with his wife and son (which he failed to admit in his initial conversation).

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You can’t stand his wife. What a delusional prude. She’s always giving him a hard time about everything. If it wasn’t for his son you’re sure he would leave her. But as he told you, it’s not the right time currently. So the two of you have to work around her inadequacies to get your life on track. But that’s okay. You take frequent vacations to places that your friends only dream of. They all say how lucky you are.

Clearly both the man and the woman are wrong in this situation (which is how it commonly is). How many men and women become involved in situations like this? You’d be surprised. The majority of men who are married don’t intend to be involved in an adulterous situation. But there are those who intentionally “hunt” for extramarital activities to satisfy their hunger for all things selfish. And there are plenty of women out there that never seek out to be the side-chick and are content with monogamy. But there are those women who don’t care about societal perceptions and absolutely crave a hollow relationship with a married man.

While having a relationship with a married man may seem like an exciting thing to be involved in, there can be serious repercussions. Here are 5 Reasons You Should Never Sleep with a Married Man:

  1. Karma: Simply put, what goes around comes around.
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    Being the home wrecker may seem like a glamorous thing, but you have never truly have faith that once you’ve gotten that man that he’s not going to turn around and do the same thing to you.


  1. Reputation ruined: If word ever gets out that you cheated with a married man, you will undoubtedly develop the reputation that accompanies someone who plays in that arena.
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    True or false people could label you home wrecker, gold digger and other much more filthy names that come with the package. It could get ugly with your reputation. Please believe that.

  1. You could be sued: That’s right, lawsuit! You know that wife you’re syphoning money from for your weekend getaways and splurges at the jewelry store?
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    She could come back with a vengeance. And in a lot of cases, the courts are agreeing with her. Try it if you want to. But please know that if you’re caught with your hand in the cookie jar, it could cost you. Big time!

  1. Disease: That’s something else a lot of people don’t consider when they get involved with married men.
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    If he has done this with you, chances are equally great that he has experience in this type of crime. And the more sexual partners, the greater the risk.

  1. Perception destroyed: On top of wasting a lot of time waiting on a man that may or may not leave his wife, you’re going to miss out on a lot of dating opportunities within the normal realm.
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    While your friends are mingling with friends their age and with their interests, you’ll be sitting by the telephone waiting for your man to get some free time. Kinda lame, right? Also,while most married people realize that the married life takes a lot of work and you have to make room for a lot of mistakes, what do you think your opinion will be of the married life after you’ve destroyed a marriage. Not good that’s for sure. It will undoubtedly impact your perception of marriage and how it relates to God. You may or may not become materialistic behind such an experience.