Should You Take Him Back?

You and your boyfriend have been apart for almost a year now. What caused the separation was the fact that he couldn’t control that thing in his pants. He cheated. And he cheated with some ugly-as-dirt chick too. At the time he couldn’t be a bigger jerk. What idiot decides to move in with his … Continue reading Should You Take Him Back?

How to Get Over a Broken Heart

There is one fact about dating that you’re going to have to accept: You’re going to get your heart broken. It has to happen. You may be able to avoid it for a little while but eventually it’s going to catch up to you. It’s hard not to take it personal but in the grand … Continue reading How to Get Over a Broken Heart

When Your Man is Ashamed of You

You couldn’t believe it when he called you; the guy from apartment 403. The Adonis. He’s the one that all of the women gazed at when he sat in the lobby sipping a cup of coffee. He was the all-knowing lover that dominated your imagination (and surely numerous others), kissed you from head to toe … Continue reading When Your Man is Ashamed of You

Things About Kissing You Never Knew

Let’s take a moment to remember something special in our lives. Let’s remember a kiss…. But this isn't just any kiss. We’re talking about THE kiss. That one unparalleled moment in time when you were given the most intimate gift by the person you wanted the most. Take a moment and remember it…. Do you … Continue reading Things About Kissing You Never Knew

How to Blow a Woman’s Mind

A message to the men… YOU’RE GUILTY! Oh, I know you’re going to come at me like, “Oh no, not me!” Yes… YOU! I’m guilty too. That’s right. We all eventually take our loved ones for granted. We don’t mean to but it happens anyway. If you’re with someone for a lengthy period of time … Continue reading How to Blow a Woman’s Mind

How to Make Anybody Fall For You

We all have fantasized about dating someone with a level of attraction that seemed to be beyond our reach. Whether it’s the hot-as-lava cheerleader in high school or the rich Hollywood actor who happens to get coffee at the same place that you get yours every morning, we all have run into that one individual … Continue reading How to Make Anybody Fall For You

10 Ways To Know You’re Dating a Real Man

What does it mean when a REAL man loves a woman? We’re not talking about the common man you see every day walking in the street or on subways. He’s not the guy you see who professes his love to countless women through lazy text messages or love dedications on weak pop radio stations. No, … Continue reading 10 Ways To Know You’re Dating a Real Man

Why You Should Get Married

If you were to listen to the average person they’d give you a million reasons why you should never be married. “How can you have sex with the same person forever?” “She’s going to take half of your money.” “They’re just going to cheat so why bother?” “Married people don’t like each other.” “Marriage is … Continue reading Why You Should Get Married

What the Mistress is Telling You

So your husband is having an affair, huh? Somewhere in your mind things are probably playing out something like this… You’d pay a million dollars for a grenade right now. You would give anything to shove a bomb in your husband’s mouth and drop him and his mistress in the Grand Canyon. How dare he? … Continue reading What the Mistress is Telling You