10 Ways To Know You’re Dating a Real Man

What does it mean when a REAL man loves a woman? We’re not talking about the common man you see every day walking in the street or on subways. He’s not the guy you see who professes his love to countless women through lazy text messages or love dedications on weak pop radio stations. No, we’re not speaking about those dudes. Those guys are a dime-a-dozen. We’re talking about a REAL MAN.

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We’re talking about the kind of man that had his moral compass molded and welded firmly into the center of his soul by the elders of greater generations. What is it like to receive the love of THAT kind of man?  A REAL MAN’S love.

First of all if you’re one of the millions of women that believe they deserve to have the love of a real man, there are a few things you need to educate yourself about. Before all things a real man knows his value. He is fully aware of the rarity in what he has to offer and is therefore unwilling to squander it on anyone unworthy. So if you’re a person of low morality or with excess baggage you probably won’t be in his life.

A real man is seeking someone who is not perfect but who instead is seeking perfection in love. He realizes that people make mistakes. He knows that while the idea of a perfect love remains a flawless vision, the reality of people is what inevitably tarnishes that vision beyond repair.

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The injury that you may have experienced from a bad relationship isn’t important to him. The rehabilitation after that injury is what he focuses on. A real man values strength AND vulnerability. He doesn’t expect you to have all of the answers. But he also doesn’t expect you to have all of the problems. A relationship with him is an equitable distribution of needs, wants and desires.

A real man can smile within the fires of hell. He can have the most backbreaking work or the most unfulfilling duty to perform and still perform it flawlessly, with a smile.

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He protects his wife with the rugged shield of chivalry. And although his bank account may be hefty from the work he’s done, he’s careful that his children don’t become coddled; disciplined through household chores and understanding responsibility. A real man will not allow the courts or the police to raise his children. That would never do for him. No, a real man realizes that the daily presence of the mother AND father is absolutely vital to ensuring his children have guidance.

When he loses a job a real man feels his soul burning. It burns from the shame of having failed his family.

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He sees the flame dancing within his children’s eyes when he goes home at night. And although his lady tries to diminish the pain of the flame with encouragement, nothing will erase the pain except the effort of the real man.

Yes, the real man is a rarity in life. For the women that have one they know to hang on to him with all of their might. He can only be duplicated through his bloodline; the rearing of his children. All other attempts at trying to do as he does or live as he lives will result in failure. If you weren’t raised by someone that held that standard of living you’re not able to duplicate it.

So what is it like to have the love of a real man? How do you know if you even have one?

Here are 10 Ways to Know You Have a Real Man

  1. He Keeps His Word: If he says he’s going to do it, he’s going to do it. You can count on his word like the weather.
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    He never lies and he never commits without being sure. Empty promises mean nothing to him.


  1. His jealousy is in check: Jealousy doesn’t really live in his realm.
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    He could care less about who you speak to. He knows the value of his love and he knows that only a crazy woman would seek to replace it with a weaker, watered-down version. He’s a man that’s sure of himself.

  1. He’s responsible: A man without a plan for the future isn’t a real man.
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    This man not only has a plan for 10 years out, he’s current on all of his debt, lives by a budget, and has investments to go along with it! He may not have a million dollars but he has amassed enough knowledge to protect himself and his family against the dangers of life.

  1. He believes in chivalry: While the concept of chivalry is a dying one, a real man understands that it is a necessity within his household.
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    His wife is not born with the right of chivalry because she’s a woman. Instead, he recognizes that like a tool, chivalry is used to mold his sons and daughters; to educate them on how love and respect are married to one another. He honors his wife with chivalry out of love, not out of entitlement.

  1. He shows backbone: Just because a man has a relationship with a beautiful woman doesn’t mean he needs to turn himself into a slave to please her.
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    A real man will put his foot down when he needs to. Anytime he feels as though his word is being unheeded, he has no problem with letting his woman know that she’s out of line. And although he would never disrespect her in public he can sometimes let the bass in his voice “boom” to let her know he is displeased.

  1. He fixes things: That’s right, I said it. A real man fixes things around the house. He has no problem with pulling out his tool belt to fix the sink. It doesn’t bother him one bit to paint the house.
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    He literally has no problems with getting his hands dirty. If he is the king of his castle and his woman is the queen, why not know how to do a few things for yourself?

  1. He spends time with his family: If you’re in a relationship with a real man or if you’re married to one you’ll know this immediately: he believes in family.
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    Barbeques, holidays, Sunday dinners, the works! He values the moments he spends with his family.

  1. He doesn’t cry: I know… I know… This is a clichéd position to have but….. It’s kinda true. A real man only shows tears when the moment is dire. He projects strength to the public and doesn’t want to appear mushy or weak. Sure, he may cry when alone with his woman.
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    He may even sob when he’s alone by himself. But most people rarely see a real man cry because of the macho image. Like it or not, new school dudes show their emotions. Real men don’t.

  1. He doesn’t take crap from any disrespectful man: All weaklings beware. If you disrespect a real man he will not only let you know you’ve overstepped your boundaries, he’s more than likely going to let you know that you can step outside too (if the situation requires it). He doesn’t do a lot of talking. He defends his woman’s honor automatically. If someone says something disrespectful to you he jumps at the opportunity to put them in their place.
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    He doesn’t talk about what he’s going to do. Wolf-tickets are not something he sells. If he says he’s going to do it, he will.

  1. He’s romantic: Point blank? In the bedroom he’s a beast. He doesn’t hold back his desires. His main goal is to please his woman. If she doesn’t have a smile as big as a cat when the moment is over, he feels like he didn’t do his job.
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    He believes in romance. He goes the extra mile to show her he cares. And although he may be a little on the traditional side when it comes to showing public displays of affection, he is teachable and only wants to make his woman happy.

Real Men are becoming a thing of the past. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find them. There are still elders that believe in raising such an individual. You only need to look harder. Men today are raised in single parent homes so they can sometimes have a warped idea of what a real man is. But a real man is always present. You just need to search for him.