How to Make Anybody Fall For You

We all have fantasized about dating someone with a level of attraction that seemed to be beyond our reach.

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Whether it’s the hot-as-lava cheerleader in high school or the rich Hollywood actor who happens to get coffee at the same place that you get yours every morning, we all have run into that one individual that we wanted and from a physical standpoint knew was out of our league.

But are those individuals really out of your reach or is the equation messed up? Are you really the biggest obstacle to getting next to that person?  Is it that your self-esteem is so low that you doom yourself to failure before you even begin?

From an emotional and moral standpoint you at least have to acknowledge two obvious facts about the general dating public: One, when it comes to giving a fair assessment of who we are as individuals, most people suck. They just aren’t honest.

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Sure you may have a cute smile or maybe you have a nice body from working day after day in a gym, but are you really going to tell truth about your constant lying? Are you really going to speak honestly about your dull sense of humor or your damaged ego (due to a previous relationship)? No. The average person is going to lie about those things. They’ll rate themselves on a scale of 1-10 as a solid 8, when in fact an accurate assessment would have them ranked at about a 2 or 3.

Secondly, you can’t properly assess someone else because you don’t know them. And 9 times out of 10 they are just as screwed up as you are. It doesn’t matter if they look like a supermodel.

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We are living in an imperfect world. We live in a time where the number of friends or “likes” you have on your social media account is an acceptable lie told by more and more people every day. Nobody really has that many friends. And nobody likes everything you have to say all of the time. But the lie is perpetuated.

Now with those two obvious issues aside is anyone really unattainable based on what IS viewable to the general public; their physical appearance?

The answer is NO!

That hot guy that you’ve always wanted but felt you were physically out of his league is still game.

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He can easily be got. The chick with the flawless body that sweats it out next to your fat carcass in the gym can still go for you. There are certain things that the average person can do, scientific things that can all but guarantee that you can make it to second base with a person. Now once you get to second base (meaning engagement beyond 2 or 3 dates) is when it usually all falls apart. Once that individual learns who the real you is and vice-versa they may run for the hills. Sorry. There is no cure for discovery. But to get things jumping there are definitely things you can do to move into focus of that physically hot individual.

Here are 10 Ways to Make Anybody Fall for You:

  1. Smile: Scientifically speaking there is no better way to get the attention of a person than to have a great smile.
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    People are attracted to positivity. A lot of people want happiness and use how frequently they smile as a measure of the happiness in their lives. If the person you like sees you smiling a lot, they’re more likely to engage you in conversation. But…. There are some don’ts. DO NOT just start smiling specifically at them. That’ll give him or her the impression that you’re some kind of psycho. Also, if you smile, let the smile come in a relative situation. Don’t just stand in a corner looking stupid and smiling to yourself. You’ll look crazy like that.


  1. Engage in small talk: This one seems like a no-brainer but you’d be surprised at how many people stand on one side of a room trying to figure out what to say to someone and end up saying nothing. You don’t need to talk too much.
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    Time is on your side. Simply say “hello”. If they’re buying a coffee drink ask them about the drink. If you’re exercising in the same gym ask them if they’re finished using a machine. Small talk is powerful because it sets up the next time you speak to them. They won’t feel completely weirded out the next time because they’ve already heard your voice and your conversation didn’t appear to be steered toward anything other than that moment.

  1. Treat them like nobodies: The biggest mistake people make when they try to approach someone that they like is not keeping their own behaviors in check. We know you think he’s hot. But do you really need to have it on your face when you walk in the room?
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    Sure she’s sexy. But do you really need to lick her boots and jump at the opportunity to pick up her purse when she drops it? Come on. Treat them like they aren’t anybody. Speak to them like regular people. If you know you’re going to be sitting in the same room as them, make it a point to bring a book and stare at the pages. If they’re in a restaurant go up and ask for the salt like they’re just an obstacle to you completing your meal. Wipe that dumb star-struck look off your face.

  1. Always present your best: If you’re going to a place where they will surely be, smell nice and brush your teeth. Nobody says you have to dress like you’re going to church or anything.
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    That’s excessive. But if you’re a woman, make sure you accentuate what you believe your best physical assets to be. If you’re a guy don’t go putting on a muscle shirt to try to show her you work out. Dress casually tasteful and be well groomed. That is enough.

  1. Speak to others/ have them speak to you: Nothing is more impressive to a man and a woman than to see a person gather the attention of several people in a room. It is a powerful statement.
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    It says that you are important, people respect you, and that you are a step above the rest. You don’t need to walk into a room and have a bunch of people run up to you for autographs. No, please don’t stage something like that. But if you walk into a room and numerous people greet you with a good morning or hello and you greet them, it will definitely get the attention of the person you’re trying to attract. It may even inspire them to say hello to you.

  1. If you get a one-on-one, touch: If you’re ever presented with an opportunity to have a one-on-one conversation with this person, touch their hand or arm. Regularly.
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    Oh I don’t mean for you to just randomly grab their hand or arm. That might get you beat up. But if they say something humorous, touch their arm as you laugh. If you’re going to say something serious to them, touch their arm. Touching is an excellent way to communicate seriousness. But be sure you don’t have sandpaper hands when you do so. That can be a major turnoff.

  1. Do not judge, no matter what: If you’re speaking to this person you’re attracted to and their confiding in you about something, do yourself a favor: Listen.
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    Just listen. If you open your mouth and say something judgmental about them or a person they’re having problems with, that can come back to bite you later on.

  1. Make eye contact when appropriate: When you’re speaking to someone you should always try to look them in the eyes. It gives a feeling of honesty and sincerity.
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    It also lets them know that you are paying attention to what they’re saying.

  1. Remember their name: Another no-brainer. But some people get so flustered by the beauty of a person that they forget who they’re talking to. If you can’t even remember their name, why should they even give you a second thought?
  1. Be a gentleman/lady: If she’s entering the room and you’re a man, please open the door.
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    If you’re a lady and he’s in your presence please don’t baby oil and present your headlights to the world. Men respect ladies. Ladies respect men.

Scientifically speaking, if you do all of these things with the person you’re trying to get closer to, your chances of getting closer to them triple. And that’s no joke. You only need to worry about what happens after the moment of physical attraction passes. Will he or she be satisfied with what you leave on the table as a marker for substance. That remains to be seen.