Things About Kissing You Never Knew

Let’s take a moment to remember something special in our lives. Let’s remember a kiss….

But this isn’t just any kiss. We’re talking about THE kiss. That one unparalleled moment in time when you were given the most intimate gift by the person you wanted the most.

Take a moment and remember it….

Do you remember that moment?

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Do you remember how one minute the two of you were in a crowded room and then the next minute you were standing alone in beautiful, quiet, isolated nothingness; feeling as close as two humans could possibly be, yet wanting to be pulled even closer?

Did that kiss take away all pretenses and replace them with certainty, revealing the two of you to be the biggest liars and the most honest people in the room all at once?

What do you remember about the kiss itself?

Clumsy… Wet… Sweet… Dirty… Hopeful… Destructive…

It may have happened in a movie theater after a mouthful of popcorn. It could’ve happened during a walk in the brisk wind of a fall night.

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But you’ll never forget it. It will be with you for the rest of your life. It gave you hope. It revealed love at its greatest and reduced all previous encounters to simple pages in a dusty old history book. It is the moment in which he became ‘yours’ and you became ‘his’.

Many people have had this kind of experience with a kiss. To many a kiss is the one immovable truth that speaks to the souls of all. It unveils the true intentions of most people; either revealing a selfish pursuer or an unselfishness one who is patiently waiting on a return of investment. It can also reveal the detention of the healing heart; afraid to give and afraid to move forward. Indeed kisses tell a lot.

But there are those who would disagree with that assessment. To them the kiss is nothing; barely acknowledgeable as a bodily function.

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Anyone can give it. Anyone can receive it. To them a kiss is nothing more than a step of foreplay. It is only meant as a “coming attraction” to the main event of sex. To them a kiss has no relevance, no value, and no stature in any relationship.

To those people I would say that they have either no romantic life, have lived very little time on this planet, or have been hurt by someone to make them feel that way. A kiss is not everything to a relationship but a kiss can mean EVERYTHING within a relationship.

Here are 8 Things about Kissing You Don’t Know:

  1. A kiss can teach your family: When husbands kiss their wives and wives kiss their husbands, oftentimes children are present. While some would say that kissing in the presence of children is a bad thing, I would strongly disagree.
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    Mothers and Fathers kissing in front of their children provides a source of education on how be romantic with their own families when they grow up. It teaches sons that there is nothing too macho about showing love. It teaches daughters to not only expect their husbands to be romantic, but demand it. A loving family is a child’s best source of education in life.

  2. Kissing relieves stress: Everything about our lives has become so stressful. When we go to work there’s stress. When we look at the news we’re stressed.
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    When we go online we’re stressed. But did you know that one of the easiest ways to relieve stress is to kiss? Kissing your girlfriend before she goes off to class or kissing your husband before he goes off to work starts off their thinking on a positive note. It’s like the pat on the backside that football players give one another on the field after a good play. It sets up the day to be a positive one, basically changing that first negative confrontation into an “Oh well…”


  1. Kissing extends your life: I’ll bet you would’ve never guessed that one.
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    People who kiss regularly live 5 years longer than those sour-pouts who don’t. Don’t believe me? Go ask your doctor.

  1. The center of sex: Guess what? Lips are waaaay more sensitive than your fingers. We’re talking 200 times more sensitive. So if your lover is complaining about not being able to reach that mountaintop during sex, try kissing him or her more. Without a doubt kissing is the gateway to the ever illusive orgasm for women. Forget the sex therapist. Make him kiss you a lot more and you’re sure to get what you deserve.
  1. Overweight? No problem: Most people already know that you burn calories by kissing (approximately 2 calories). But did you know kissing is an appetite suppressor? It is! When you kiss someone Dopamine is released, causing them to want to eat less. Yep.
  1. Kissing keeps the homewreckers away: Although a lot of countries will punish you for getting to romantic in public, kissing in public is actually helpful in communication.
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    It lets all the people that would seek to interfere in your relationship know that you AND your mate are in love. Think about it… How many times did you avoid looking at a man or woman when they were all kissy in public? It works.

  1. It is a way of speaking: You may not realize it but you can speak to your lover through a kiss. If you kiss them quickly it could indicate that you love them, but you’re in a rush. If you kiss them passionately it could indicate that you want some good-good time. A kiss can tell people many things in a relationship. It’s almost like speaking another language.
  1. Old age stops sex, not kissing: When you get old you are inevitably going to lose the ability to do certain acrobatics in the bedroom. The equipment you have is not going to work forever. Everything has an expiration date. That is except kissing…. Kissing is a powerful way to communicate intimacy even when a loved one is sick or elderly. It goes on and on and on.

There are numerous advantages to the kiss. It is not something to be discarded in our society. It has a strong purpose and if you are fortunate enough to have someone to do it with, the right way, you’ll be an advocate forever.