Why Men Do What They Do

Who among us knows a man? A real man….

We’re not talking about the couch potatoes. Those idiots don’t have the salt to carry themselves, let alone a family.  All moochers and freeloaders need to exit stage left. You’re simply not built for this.

We’re talking about a grown man’s game. We’re talking about real men.

We’re talking about the kind of man that goes out to get that dollar even in the harshest of weather.

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We’re talking about that “I hate my boss worse than any person I’ve ever known in my life, but I’m still going to make that money for Jenny and the kids” kind of man.

The kind of man that ANTICIPATES the cry of a child and makes RESPONSIBLE decisions to snuff out that child’s cry with the only weapons possible; love and financial support. He’s the kind of man that actively teaches his child how to navigate the world and is always THERE in the physical, emotional, and spiritual form.

This guy knows how to love a woman. He knows how to empty out all of the selfishness within his soul and replace it with AWARENESS.

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That awareness is open to the needs she communicates. He lives with a never ending hunger for REAL TIME fulfillment of his woman’s needs, making those needs instantly history. He’s that spark in the candlelight for romance. He’s that shoulder when the world has been harsh to her. He knows not to fight her battles but instead to stand with her and act as a connected arm of a bigger unit; the family.

Little boys will think it’s about macho, macho stuff. Wrong! This is more than just a sack grabbing contest. Real men don’t play those kinds of games. It’s not about chest thumping over here.

His DNA is thoroughly coated with the lessons of his forefathers.

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It’s about more than having the power to control HIS destiny. It’s about a purpose on earth that validates them to their core. Being ONE of the providers within your family is more than just going out and bringing home the bacon. It’s about feeding and nourishing the hopes and dreams of another generation. It’s about rooting the existence of your bloodline in this world’s soil so that others can thrive into the future.

He’s wrong sometimes. That’s right, I said it. WRONG! Sometimes he makes mistakes. He absolutely is not perfect.

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Sometimes he may lose sight of some things. But his moral center is always firmly in place. His rules for life can be summed up in these 10 things:

  1. Never intentionally hurt the ones you love
  2. Always remember that you are representing your family
  3. Speak softly but always back it up with action
  4. Always keep your promises
  5. Always try for better, even if your current situation is a mess
  6. Love and love again (including yourself)
  7. Be passionate in all things
  8. Cry when you need to
  9. Always apologize when you’ve done something wrong
  10. You will fail. But you will be measured mostly by what you do after the fall.


Do you know one of these men? Chances are you do. If you have one in your life, you’re wealthier than you could possibly know.