Why Love Is More Valuable Than Money



Money…Money….Money….. It rules the world. You can’t function without it. Not having enough of it will drop anyone quickly into the pit of despair. In most cases it’s the difference between life and death.

And as it pertains to relationships? Forget about it. Money morphs into this whole other monster. Have you ever had a relationship where one person didn’t have it and the other did? Instant fight!

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If you aren’t fighting about the proper balancing of the responsibility scale, you’re definitely fighting about the freeloading perception that family and friends instantly pick up on as it pertains to your currency challenged lover. Love without finance is a straight killer.


Or so it would seem….

The truth of the matter is that money is never really the issue. Most healthy relationships treat money as a tool rather than a part of the foundation. No matter what some people would have you believe, love is not money and money is not love.

I know… I know….. Most of you are probably saying to yourselves, “Is he out of his mind?”

No, I’m not. It just takes some people longer than others to catch up. I was a slow learner on this subject until age and experience taught me the truth.

Think about it…. Have you ever really seen a happy wealthy person? Ever?

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I haven’t.

Even the famous stars have some huge issues to overcome. And judging from what I’ve seen most wealthy people never overcome it!

To understand what I mean a little better you first need to define love for yourself. What is your definition of love? There are many definitions of love floating about. Some people will tell you love is a warm fuzzy feeling you have inside. There are over 2 million songs playing on the radio right now that define love as a tangible feeling. For some people, if the butterflies aren’t there, it’s not real love. For others love exists through the lips of a good kisser. Rihanna or Drake or Adele will all have you believing that love is some crazy place you construct out of nothing.

But the truth of the matter is this: Love is simply about self respect and dignity. And those things can never be purchased on the market.

Think about it. Two people with an abundance of respect for themselves and the partner they’ve chosen to be with will never place money within the top tiers of their lives.

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Respecting yourself requires you to look at your entire situation. Constantly. It requires an active mind, continuously pushing towards growth in all aspects.


How much self hate do you need to be a complacent? A substantial amount. Granted, there are those individuals who have large obstacles to overcome. Lack of family, no education, etc… Heck, sometimes life can be a major pain. But for the average person, it usually takes a lot of negative energy and disrespect against yourself to sit at home and not care about your well being.

People generally want a good situation for themselves. And if you love/respect the person you’ve chosen to enter into a relationship with, you’re going to always to be pushing for spiritual, physical and financial prosperity.

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Loving/respecting someone means you care about making their lives better. And I have rarely seen two people that respect themselves and each other be miserable financially. That almost never happens.


So to all of the people out there searching for the size of a person’s wallet, I say this: Keep searching. Tell yourself you’re only trying to find someone that has what you have or better. Keep telling yourself that lie. It’s easier to respect yourself enough to build your own financial situation. But cutting corners reeks of low self esteem. And no matter how big of a purse or wallet you find (if that’s your primary motivation), you can only hide the truth for so long. Eventually that person will see you and that lack of self respect you possess. And there will be a price to pay for that revelation.