The Reasons Men Cheat With Ugly Women

If you’ve experienced infidelity, you’re probably going to equate this post to someone popping open your head and reading your thoughts as if they’ve lived inside of your mind for years. If you’ve never experienced infidelity, keep this post close to you for future reference.
Now before we begin let me set things up for you by clearly designating the target. Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and colors. Nobody appointed me judge in a beauty contest. I’m not here to decide who is beautiful and who is not. Beauty is clearly in the eye of the beholder. What rings one person’s bell may not do the same for another. I get that men and women who live by the Kardash standard are often shallow, inadequate individuals who could never love themselves enough to accept what God has provided them. I get that.
But with that being said, let me break something down to you. The world does have ugly people. And those people are who we’re talking about today.
We’re talking about homewreckers. The Jump Offs. The Side Chicks. The person that KNOWS the man is in a committed relationship and decides to smash anyway. The girl that may see you every day, smiles in your face and lays your dude every other Saturday night.
Yeah…. Her.

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When a man decides to go outside of his relationship for whatever reason, why does it always seem like he chooses the most skanky trick on the planet? The Jump Off is almost never hotter than the loving girlfriend or wife at home. It’s always some girl missing a few teeth and whose tracks can be seen from that cheap weave she had done. She usually has a track record longer than a professional athlete when it comes to men. You name it, she’s done it. And now she’s gotten to your man.
Why is it that men always choose the ugly girl to creep with? What possesses men to sleep with the most unattractive woman when they cheat?

Here are 10 Reasons Men Cheat with Ugly Women:

1. He Idolizes You: Men often claim that they want a freak in the bedroom and a lady in the streets. But it’s often the opposite. He wants a freak whenever he has fantasies and those fantasies don’t usually include a trustworthy, hardworking, loving woman with morals. It’s usually very difficult for a man to let his closest friend and confidant into his every sexual fantasy.

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Men often fantasize about the dirtiest nastiest things you could ever imagine. And in that filth pit, men rarely let anyone in. Especially the love of his life or the mother of his children. Men put women on these pedestals and try to keep them there, never realizing that they are truly the ones being hurt in the process.

2. He Misses the Single Life: Reminiscing about what you did when you were single is not an excuse to be unfaithful. But it doesn’t mean that it never plays a factor. Some men had very active sex lives when they were single. We’re talking about multiple sex partners within the span of two or three days. And just like drugs, cutting back on that is bound to have some withdrawal symptoms. I’m not saying that this is acceptable and you should put up with it. But it could play a factor in his behavior.

3. He Wants Something Other Than You: This excuse is kind of repeating the 2nd reason but it’s slightly different. Maybe you are the perfect mate for him. But after a while, maybe he just feels like doing something different. You’re petite. He wants a big beautiful woman to experiment with. Is he right? No way! But that doesn’t stop motivations.

4. Maybe She’s Not Who You Think She Is: Okay, so we’ve already nailed down the type of woman this whole discussion is about. Or have we? Maybe he’s searching for something that he’s not getting in his relationship with you.

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Yeah, he’s an idiot for failing to communicate with his partner. Without a doubt. But maybe there’s more to that Jump Off than you think. Maybe she’s presenting a side that you just can’t (because your idiot boyfriend hasn’t given you a chance through fair and honest dialogue).

5. The Relationship is Finished: I personally don’t think that infidelity kills a relationship. I sincerely don’t. Infidelity is a symptom of a bigger sickness in the relationship. But with that being said, some guys just don’t care anymore. They want out. Some guys will pick the ugliest THOT just to make sure the message is delivered. It’s kinda dumb when you think about it. But men can be serious idiots sometimes. Rather than having an honest conversation, some men just want to watch the world burn.

6. Addictions: The internet and adult entertainment have created serious issues in millions of relationships. And to be honest, most of the women in this world can’t live up to standards on display in those videos. And for men, it’s sometimes like beer. It starts out with you watching one. A year later, those videos are taking up 5 or 6 nights out of the week. And with an addiction like that, he’s eventually going to want to make fantasy a reality.

7. Family Issues: How well do you know your man’s family? Do you know the experiences he’s had as a child? Many of our adult problems can be physically traced back to bad experiences we’ve had when we were growing up. It’s not an excuse for infidelity but if you want to save the relationship, the two of you will definitely have to do the work. Who knows what he saw? Who knows what you saw as a child? Whose to say that those teachings are not impacting him and his decision making?

8. The Conservative Life: Your man is responsible for his behavior. But in this life, we all play a part in the story. How is your sexual life with your man? Are you open to having a conversation about what fulfills him romantically?

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How often do you experiment? And beyond romance, how often do you just sit and talk as friends? Do all of your conversations ultimately lead to weekly duties the two of you have to do? How often do you laugh together and do something spontaneous? If he knows he’s only getting cookie on Sundays at 8:30pm, maybe he feels minimized. And like it or not, you do play a part in that.

9. His Friends: Look, I have some friends that are complete idiots. And when I was in a relationship, some of the single friends secretly resented that fact. Heavily. They’d always being going out to clubs and hooking up with random chicks all of the time. Yeah, I was in a relationship and they weren’t so it was up to me to be responsible for my behavior. But that doesn’t mean that peer pressure wasn’t a beast. There were numerous times I did things I didn’t really want to do. His friends may play a hefty part in some of his sketchy decision making. If you and your man have grown or aspirations to grow within your relationship, your man needs to take stock of who he calls his friends. Truthfully, there’s not a lot you can do about who a man calls his friends. But you can offer insight and make suggestions from time to time. They do affect him.

10. It’s His Stupidity: All of the reasons listed above basically add up to one fact. Nobody unzipped your dude and told him to do what he did. That’s his decision. And at the end of the day, all responsibility for his decisions land on him. If he wants to be dumb and hook up with anyone, it’s on him.

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