How To Forgive Someone

Have you ever been cheated on? Has a friend ever betrayed you? Has someone ever spread false rumors about you? No matter the weapon used to slice away at your heart, the pain is difficult to deal with. You ultimately lose a gigantic piece of who you are. The once confident and trusting person that … Continue reading How To Forgive Someone

Why You Shouldn’t Date Your Ex

You’ve finished work for the day and you’re exhausted. You’ve had to deal with nagging coworkers, glitch ridden computer programs and never-ending demands from your boss. It’s time to go home. You climb into your car and begin your slow traffic jammed crawl home. As you inch along the car packed interstate, your eyes see … Continue reading Why You Shouldn’t Date Your Ex

Should You Date Outside Your Race?

He’s exciting. The two of you share a connection that you’ve never had in your life. Not just on a basic man-attracted-to-woman level either. The two of you connect in ways that defy description. Your conversations make the world disappear and engross both of you in an intellectual dance that is all consuming. You feed … Continue reading Should You Date Outside Your Race?

Romantic Getaway #1: Sao Luis

Summer is quickly approaching. It’s the season when people in love take time away from the monotony of life and travel to exotic destinations. Some do it simply out of the annual routine of it all. Some do it for bragging rights when they return to work. But for the most part, the average couple … Continue reading Romantic Getaway #1: Sao Luis