Should You Break Up Because of Trump?

Okay. Let’s say you’re in a good relationship with someone. He or she has all of the qualities that you desire. They listen to you. They laugh with you. They cry with you. Awesome sex. Professionally driven. Artistic. Sensitive. Romantic. Loyal. They have it all.
And then you discover it…. One day you happen to see his or her tablet open to a campaign contribution website. And guess who they’re a huge supporter of? Yep. You guessed it. He or she is a strong supporter of the current resident in the White House.
You immediately feel like vomiting. How can you be with someone who shares the beliefs of that guy? I mean, how can you bring him or her to family dinners? Can you imagine what your mom or dad would say when the topic rears its head? We’re talking scorched earth when it comes to your family liking him or her in the future. Nobody’s going to want you to bring them back. No way.

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You have some serious thinking to do. Should you end the relationship? I mean, it’s kind of hard to talk love to someone that supports separating children from their parents just because they were seeking asylum. Should you end it?

Many people will be surprised by my answer but it is a truthful one. The answer is…..


One of the most beautiful aspects of love is accepting someone knowing that neither of you are perfect. They may not be everything that you want, but I can guarantee you that you probably aren’t everything that they want. But the two of you chose to be together in spite of those short comings and the world didn’t end. The two of you built something good. To give that up without at least attempting to work through the issue is foolish.

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Here are 5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Let Trump End Your Relationship:

1. No one is perfect: Think of it like this. Imagine you have a friend that did some really, really bad things. It could be anything. Maybe they’ve gone to jail. Maybe they’ve stolen money or physically hurt someone. Are you going to stop being their friend because of their issues? Chances are, you’re going to continue being their friend. Why? Because part of being a friend is not judging that person for who they are. So, if you can have a questionable friend or two, why couldn’t you accept the fact that you and your lover have different political views? His or her support for someone you dislike doesn’t make them bad.

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2. Politics is a temporary thing: Okay, so he or she supports someone you hate. So what? In my small amount of time on this earth I’ve learned one or two things about politics. People are liberal about somethings and conservative about other things. No one holds a position forever. Let your mate support who he or she wants. Chances are, they’ll swing to the other side in time. Politics is really a personal thing for a lot of people. He or she may not really know how they feel anyway. Putting them in a position to defend that politician may be unfair. Maybe they are figuring it out just like you.

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3. 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue isn’t your address: Unless you’re working in the federal government or directly for the White House in some capacity, stop bringing politics into your home. Sure, the politics matter when dealing with certain dinner table issues. But for the most part, the salacious stuff I see on the news has nothing to do with how you live your life. And even if you feel as though you can’t ignore it, remember that you didn’t meet your mate on the White House steps. If discussing politics brings out the frustration and confrontation, you should probably adopt the same policy that most jobs have; no political discussions.

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4. When in doubt, remember Kanye: Okay, if there were ever a more solid example of what I’m talking about it’s Kanye. Kanye has been absolutely roasted for maintaining a friendship with the current resident at the White House. But no matter how many people tell him who he should like and who he shouldn’t have as his friend, Kanye doesn’t move. At all. He stays to his position regardless of the consequences.

Now I don’t agree with everything Kanye says. Not even close. He’s a brilliant musician but I wouldn’t take political advice from him. But on this friendship issue, Kanye is teaching the world what it means to be a person of his word. No one should tell you who your friends are or who you should dislike. And that’s an honorable thing to observe. While I admittedly don’t know Kanye’s motivations for keeping that particular friend, I do have to admit that most people wish they had a friend that stood by them when the world hated their guts. And that lesson should be applied to your relationship. You don’t necessarily have to support everything your mate stands for, but you also shouldn’t let your friends and family dump on them for who they support.

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5. Talking brings about understanding: If the feuding gets too crazy, how about talking and listening it out? I’ll admit, it would be A WHOLE LOT of talking my mate would need to do to get me over to the President’s side. But listening doesn’t require a lot. Talk and listen to your mate. Maybe there are some aspects of his or her position that you just don’t understand. Maybe there are things your mate doesn’t know. Either way, the session can only help your relationship. Talk it out.

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