Why Won’t You Shut Your Big Mouth?

“Why is your mouth so big?” Has your lover ever asked you this question? On the right night that question may be a cute question that lovers pose over a candlelight dinner. But for most of us, it’s usually a question that indicates that you talk too damned much. This is not a gender-neutral issue. … Continue reading Why Won’t You Shut Your Big Mouth?

Should You Get Into a Fight For Your Lover?

We protect what we love. That’s the bottom line. I know today’s progressives will have you believing that you and only you are responsible for the safety of yourself within a relationship. I know they want you to believe that the “individual” within the relationship should never expect protection from their partner. But let’s keep … Continue reading Should You Get Into a Fight For Your Lover?

How To Be More Romantic

Romance is the foundation that love is balanced upon. Not enough of it will cause the relationship to shake violently and potentially fall. Too much of it and a relationship can sink into the depths of stalking, insecurity and possessive behavior. Most people fall into the category of not having enough. You start out with … Continue reading How To Be More Romantic