How To Be More Romantic

Romance is the foundation that love is balanced upon. Not enough of it will cause the relationship to shake violently and potentially fall. Too much of it and a relationship can sink into the depths of stalking, insecurity and possessive behavior.

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Most people fall into the category of not having enough. You start out with high energy coupled with creative imaginations. But somehow along the way the dull thump of the daily drum leaves less and less energy for love. You begin to take your lover for granted. The fall of the relationship doesn’t happen in immediate seismic quakes. It’s a gradual thing. An unappreciated dinner here. I lifeless romp in the bed there. Next thing you know you’re on the edges of the breakup, wondering how in the world you got there.
But the fall doesn’t have to happen. Just acknowledging that you’re not the most romantic Don Juan that you thought you were is usually enough to right the ship. We all need help in the arena of love. Love is the only subject in which we are all experts of stupidity. You are forever a student.

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So if you’ve forgotten the little things that made her love you or if you’ve forgotten the cute ways you won his heart, this post is dedicated to taking some time out of your dull day and remembering the beginning; what got you to love.
Here are 5 Romantic Things You Can Do:

1. The Spontaneous Trip: Plan a surprise trip with your lover. Make reservations, bring enough fun money and swing by your lover’s job with luggage packed. Instead of driving home for the weekend, hit the interstate. You don’t really have to drive far. The idea is to get away. Just the two of you.

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2. Time Travel: Do you remember where you first met? Where did you first meet? Once you have “The correct dates” in hand, bring your lover back to where it all started. Maybe you’ll call them at work and leave a message to tell them to meet you at that special address. Maybe you don’t go anywhere at all. Maybe all you do is make the dinner that you ate when you first met. Maybe it’s a t-shirt you wore when she saw you. Anyway, bring her back to that time.

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3. The Calendar Cuddle: This one requires quite a bit of paying attention. But if you pull this off, you’ll be the master. Does your mate do something special for you every week or month? When you notice it, write it down. Put it on your cell phone (so he or she doesn’t get wind of what you’re up to). When you have no less than 10 kind incidents recorded (preferably over the course of a few months) present it to your lover in a romantic setting. Take him or her to a special place and tell them how grateful you were for those moments. But you need to be specific. You need to have the date and time noted. You need to write down how it made you feel when they did something special for you. Revealing these things in a create way within a romantic setting will give you a million romantic points.

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4. The Romantic Confession: After dinner or maybe after watching television, surprise your lover by brining them to a quiet place in the house. Turn off all music and eliminate all noise. Tell them that you don’t want them to talk. Tell them you only want them to listen. Now unload! Tell them what makes you happy and why you are grateful for the relationship. Tell them how you feel when the two of you laugh and cry. Tell them how you feel when you make love. This is really a feeling dump on your part. Tell them without the expectation of the experience being returned. When you finish talking, ask them to not speak for 5 minutes. Ask them to only look in your eyes and hold your hands. This is a crushingly romantic experience.

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5. Make Love in a Different Place: Sometimes you just need to literally be moved out of a normal routine to feel special. Snatch you lover’s heart by doing something out of the ordinary. I’m not saying that you should do something that will get you arrested. But love making doesn’t necessarily have to be the complete act. There are many activities that can bring us to that mountaintop without exposing ourselves to arrest. Grab him or her and do it!

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These things won’t necessarily put the spark in a relationship already dangerously close to ending. But for a relationship become too comfortable with routine, this is like dropping a can of gasoline on a fire! Romance doesn’t have to die. Fight it with every weapon you have available.