Why You Should Get Married

If you were to listen to the average person they’d give you a million reasons why you should never be married.

“How can you have sex with the same person forever?”

“She’s going to take half of your money.”

“They’re just going to cheat so why bother?”

“Married people don’t like each other.”

“Marriage is a joke. That’s why they have TV shows that make fun of it.”

Although some of these issues hold a reasonable amount of validity, marriage as an institution has never been stronger.

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The divorce rate may seem large and can be very frightening. But a lot of people fail to realize what the divorce rate actually is: An indication of those individuals that chose to get married for the wrong reasons to begin with. It is not an accurate reflection of true marriage as a whole but instead a reflection of society’s attempt at staying true to what marriage is meant to be while dealing with evolving attitudes on dating, love, and commitment.

But it really all boils down to one thing.

Is it better to be married or single?

Let me state for the record: When it comes to quality of living, a married life absolutely destroys a single life. It’s not even close. Let me explain…

In the single life you’re basically a modern-day nomad. You roam from situation to situation trying to find your social footing.

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You move in and out of relationships like you change clothing. You risk everything; your health, your finances, your sanity. You have a million “friends” all of which ultimately disappear from your life at some point, never to return again. If things fall apart and you have some kind of emergency that impacts your finances, you have to either rely upon your family or you have nothing to rely upon. When you have problems you only have yourself to hash things out with at 2am in the morning. There’s no one to give you encouragement. There’s no one that truly believes in you except you. You live in fast-food restaurants and while your waistline isn’t immediately impacted, those eating habits are setting you up for guaranteed health issues. Binge-drinking is the norm. So is the occasional one night stand.

Sounds like a sexy proposition, right? I mean, who wouldn’t want such a hollow life? You’re basically a lonely, random sex having, broke Ramen noodle eating, fake friend having-loser. Whatever…

On the other side of the coin, how is the married life?

In a married life you have the exact opposite. Everything that the single person dreams of, you have it… And more! Friends? Well you’re never going to have thousands of friends, I don’t care what the social media people have to say about it. But the friends you do have are solid friends. They can be counted on when times are bad.

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Money? Please. The average married couple saves their combined incomes and actually plans for retirement. 401ks, annuities, and mutual funds are all foreign languages to the single person. They’ll never see those. But married people? They are well-versed. Companionship? You have a partner that has your back 24/7, 365 days a year. You’re there for them. They’re there for you. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to expand your family through children. While it is more expensive, the rewards far outweigh the negatives of deepening your family.

But these are just surface issues. Here are 5 Reasons Why You Should Get Married that you never considered:

  1. Someone to take care of you: No one ever plans on being sick. But just as the sun shines it’s bound to happen. Being married all but guarantees that when this moment arises you will have someone to take care of you. There is nothing more important than making sure someone is looking out for your best interests should you become ill. Having a husband or wife is one way of ensuring that care.

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  2. Sexual exploration begins: Let’s face it. It’s hard to find a sexual partner to go on a sexual journey with. While they may “engage” in sexual relations with you, they will usually have very large limitations about what they will and won’t do. The average single person that gains a wealth of sexual knowledge usually does so in one way: They are promiscuous. And with promiscuity comes the risk of disease.
    But if you’re married, things are a bit different. You get to explore to your heart’s content. Granted, any sexual activities involving outside partners are often considered taboo but that’s not to say that they are totally out of bounds. Married couples are often game as long as all parties consent and participate. Sexual exploration within a marriage is an opportunity to find out your likes and dislikes. And you can usually do so without the gigantic risk of a sexually transmitted disease.

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  1. Entrepreneurship: That’s right. Married people often have the financial clout to start a business. But unlike most single people with silly dotcom businesses and other startups that often implode due to poor financing, married people can do it right! They usually have the savings to get the job done. They also have two minds at work so that lessens the chances that the business will fail. If they don’t have enough money, the can take out a loan. Married couples definitely have the upper-hand when it comes to this one.
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  1. Healthy: Who do you think is going to be more healthy, a person that wolfs down cheeseburgers every night or a person that has a home-cooked meal? Yeah, me too. The home-cooked meal absolutely kills the cheeseburger life. Food is always healthier when you monitor what ingredients are added to the meals. You can’t do that in take outs and restaurants. Also the married couple is more likely to have health insurance coverage. A single person is usually only concerned with the ways they can have more cash in pocket.
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  1. Taxes: Hahahaha….. Even the government knows what’s up. You get a tax break for having dependents. A single person? They have to pay the full rate. That’s right. The only break the government is going to give you is more money OUT of your pocket. Suckers!
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When it comes to choosing being single or being married you have a lot of questions to ask yourself. But none of those questions should be about which one is the most beneficial. Married people absolutely crush single people. There is no comparison to be had.

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