Why Men Look at Other Women

You’re out with your man and the two of you are really enjoying yourselves. On top of hitting your favorite restaurant the two of you take a trip to the mall to do some window shopping. You don’t really get out a lot due to the hectic schedule the both of you maintain so this … Continue reading Why Men Look at Other Women

How To Forgive Someone

Have you ever been cheated on? Has a friend ever betrayed you? Has someone ever spread false rumors about you? No matter the weapon used to slice away at your heart, the pain is difficult to deal with. You ultimately lose a gigantic piece of who you are. The once confident and trusting person that … Continue reading How To Forgive Someone

Romantic Getaway #1: Sao Luis

Summer is quickly approaching. It’s the season when people in love take time away from the monotony of life and travel to exotic destinations. Some do it simply out of the annual routine of it all. Some do it for bragging rights when they return to work. But for the most part, the average couple … Continue reading Romantic Getaway #1: Sao Luis

How to Make His Mom Like You

Today is the big day. You’ve gotten all polished up and ready for this meeting. Conservative hairdo? Check! A dress with just enough pop to make you look pretty but not slutty? Check! Breath mints? Check! You’re all ready. You’ve practiced what you were going to say over and over in the mirror. You’ve had … Continue reading How to Make His Mom Like You

5 Things You Should Love About Dating

Let’s keep in 100 people. Being in a long fruitful relationship is the goal of anyone who is out there dating. Why? Because sometimes dating is like riding coach on an overseas flight. You inevitably will arrive at your destination but not before being exposed to a lot of burping, snoring and invasion of your … Continue reading 5 Things You Should Love About Dating

5 Things To Do When You’ve Been Cheated On

Infidelity often visits when you least expect it. A random phone message is read or heard. Maybe it arrives as a lipstick smear or the scent of perfume on the laundry he immediately places into the washing machine. Sometimes it might burn your eyes through an unintended social media post you weren’t supposed to read. … Continue reading 5 Things To Do When You’ve Been Cheated On

How To Play Your Man

I recently visited my grandparents for two weeks. Spending some time around my grandparents has been an educational experience to say the least. On top of gaining access to the best food on the planet, I’ve learned quite a bit about love and romance by watching them. My grandparents are basically a couple of teenagers … Continue reading How To Play Your Man

Why Men Do What They Do

Who among us knows a man? A real man…. We’re not talking about the couch potatoes. Those idiots don’t have the salt to carry themselves, let alone a family.  All moochers and freeloaders need to exit stage left. You’re simply not built for this. We’re talking about a grown man’s game. We’re talking about real … Continue reading Why Men Do What They Do

What Counts as Cheating

A friend of mine recently discovered that his girlfriend of 2 years had been cheating on him. He found out in the usual way that most people discover unfaithful partners; he heard from a friend of a friend of a friend that she had a dude on the side. After numerous days of scoping out … Continue reading What Counts as Cheating

Things About Kissing You Never Knew

Let’s take a moment to remember something special in our lives. Let’s remember a kiss…. But this isn't just any kiss. We’re talking about THE kiss. That one unparalleled moment in time when you were given the most intimate gift by the person you wanted the most. Take a moment and remember it…. Do you … Continue reading Things About Kissing You Never Knew